a magic wand

Magic wands are many things to many people. To a magic practitioner, a wand is a tool of focus and an instrument to manipulate energy.

To a collector, a magic wand is a beautiful piece of art and a symbol of the magic that exists in the world.

It reminds us that magic is everywhere and that we all want and need magic in our lives. A magic wand is a symbol that reminds us to be open to the possibilities that present themselves in many ways in many places at any time.

It reminds us that we need to be open to magic and not shut off to it, as it passes us by into the night.

To a child and the child in us all, a magic wand is a wonderful toy of the imagination. It forces us to use our creative powers to disarm and outsmart our adversaries, to create new situations and their solutions rather than blindly reacting with black and white, all or nothing, knee-jerk responses.

Magic can be as subtle as turning the page and as powerful as writing the book.

A magic wand always acts in its owner's best interests.