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Victory Turned-Wood Golf Tees

Put the finishing touches on your golf accessories with beautiful, turned-wood golf tees from Victory. Victory Golf Tees are the world's finest golf tee. There are many golf tees that offer a few more yards on your drive. We offer not one extra yard; instead, we offer a solid, timeless beauty befitting the world's greatest game. A new and unique golf gift idea. When you give Victory Golf Tees you are giving a unique golf gift that combines form and function.

Magic Spells and Potions

Beautifully balanced spells, potions, meditations, charms, devices, rituals, poems, metaphysical art, and more! This is pure Energy Magic, full of love, that does not follow any path or denomination. Safe for beginners to use.


Although BuyCostumes has a wide selection of costumes and accessories, they also feature many witch and wizard costumes and costumes for magical themes, including Harry Potter (which would go perfect with your Whirlwood Storyteller Magic Wand) and Maleficent. Costumes for adults, kids, teens, and pets. Decorations and party supplies.

Avistrum Academy of Sorcery

Avistrum has been bringing magic to witches and wizards in the New World since 1697. This is a creative and fun forum site to discuss all things magical, especially where it applies to Harry Potter. The site is a safe and enjoyable place where HP fans of all ages can go to immerse themselves in a Hogwarts-like experience and exchange information with other HP fans. Participants can be sorted online into one of four houses. The forums are closely monitored and moderated to ensure the safety of participants and personal information is kept strictly private. Children under 13 must have their parent's or guardian's permission to participate.

Harry Potter Fan Art

Links and reviews of the best Harry Potter fan art on the web. Many talented artists have shared their vision of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with paintings, drawings, sculpture, and verse. Fun and worth a look.

Broom Shop

These beautiful, hand-made brooms make great gifts for weddings, house warmings, and hearth brooms. They are prized by Wiccans. There are even wizard brooms for Harry Potter fans. Broom twigs tied on natural, custom, or forged iron handles.

Nicola L. Robinson

The Surreal Demon offers illustrations for children's books, editorial projects, and black and white work. English artist Nicola L. Robinson has created books covers and illustrations, graphic design, comic books, and much more. Original paintings for sale. Commissions are invited. Come see the dragons!

Gary Hall Art

View a new line of paintings, wood sculpture, and digital images by the world-renowned fine artist and wand maker Gary Hall.

Crow Hill Web Design

Want a nice website? Even nicer than mine? Contact Sheryl, the most wonderful person and talented webmaster I know. Web design using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and animation using Edge, Adobe Animate, or css.