Here are just a few of the many testimonials I have received over the years.


Making the Dark Lord wand in hardwood was a very good decision. I couldn't resist picking one up to add to my collection of Whirlwood wands. It is a beauty. The quality and craftsmanship of your wand work is unmatched. I cherish my wand collection as one of my favorite things.

I visit all your websites fairly often too...just to keep track of what you're up to. I'm a fan of your work...paintings and scultures in addition to wands. Spire #6 is particularly appealing to me.

I look forward to seeing you next year.

Most sincerely, Mike Holland

To Whirlwood and a Most Magical Experience! Today was my first adventure to the Dickens Fair and my most memorable experience was the exchange we had. Gary, you are a very charming gentleman and you hold a space between the worlds so that magic can be a part of ours. Each and every wand is a beautiful work of art and a testimony of true craftsmanship. Letting my intuition guide me, I chose a wand. It was not the wand I expected to buy - perhaps it chose me. It was not easy to walk away with only one wand. Once home, I took out my new wand and knew, without a doubt, that this beautiful work of art was also a perfect channel for my magic.

Until next time, Devi Zafira Stardust

Dear Santa Gary, Thank you so very much for your amazingly speedy replacement of Brandon's wand. WOW!!! I can't thank you enough. He will be thrilled. Now, since you have been mute on the subject of payment, and I have been unsuccessful in my "pure elves gold" search, I would feel much better if we could arrange another form of payment. May I suggest Paypal, or another such antiquated method? Happy Holidays. Your service is by far the BEST I have ever experienced in my 47 years on this earthly plane.


I met you at the Arizona Renaissance Festival last year and fell in love with your wands. I was drawn to a black wand; there were others, but this was the one I considered your best. I am sure it has magic and the fact that it came to me makes it all the more special! I am now seeking another for my partner. I pass on your website to others who "Ooo" and "Ah" at my wand and hope you are well up to your ears in orders!

Damian Lupos

Dear Mr. Hall, I found your booth at the Renaissance Faire. With all the magic in the air you made the rainy day seem like a trip to Diagon Alley deep in the heart of Wizarding London. I just love the wand and know I will treasure it always. Just to let you know, I think you (yourself) made the whole experience magical. You are not afraid to "play." By that I mean that you are able to suspend reality for a while and "be" magical and like a good storyteller, take your audience away with you! You make your shoppe magical! Thank you again for being there and I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Lynda (aka Lady of the Greenwood)

Dear Gary, WOW!!! My wand just came today. Incredible. The mix of wood grain, along with your artistic impression of what I was looking for, gel perfectly. I look forward to using it and believe that I will have to purchase a few extras—so it's not lonely. Thanks for helping to create the Magick.

Gwyddion Mystwalker

I just picked up my wand from the post office. I was so excited when I opened it, and I must say, I am truly amazed. I knew that it was going to be a beautiful wand, but the craftsmanship, the finishing, the grain, everything, was so much better than I ever could have expected. You are truly the Ollivander of the Muggle world! I would be honored if you would use this message as a testimonial to help tell others that this is a wand more than worth the price.


Gary, I spent some time talking to you at Lumos last year before I chose and bought a wand. Last night I pulled it out for the Harry Potter Book Release Party and took it along. I had many, many people asking about it—the craftsmanship is obvious even at a glance, and the finish is as beautiful now as the day I bought it. I'm pleased that I decided to buy one of your one-offs from the table rather than a "set" piece from your usual orders, because it feels much more like "my" wand, knowing that no one else has one quite like it. I just wanted to let you know how much admiration your wand got at the party, and how much I appreciate the quality of your work. It really does hold its own kind of magic!

Amy Crook

Hey Gary, I received my wands (Heropolous and Villation) the other day and I must admit the craftsmanship and attention to detail were superb. The finish on both wands is perfect and gave them the time-worn look I had wanted. I have to say that the finish and quality far surpass any wands I have seen in the past and am very pleased with my decision to go with a Whirlwoood piece. Your great communication and personal touch will, I am sure, afford you much success in the future. All the best, and thanks again.

Gavin D.

Just got in from work and there it was: my new Death Eater wand. The colors are astounding Gary, and it goes perfectly with the Cuts. This wand looks as if it has passed through Azkaban and back! Another wonderful addition to my family of Whirlwood pieces!

Kaz C. Walters
Lunatic, Headmistress, Custom Piece, Excelsior, Death Eater, ???????????

Hey Gary, I just received my Excelsior wand. It's the most handsome, distinguished wand I have ever seen! I have harbored a desire to buy the Excelsior for almost 4 years and I finally did it. I'm thrilled. It couldn't be more perfect! (The contours are amazing.) I'm definitely bringing it with me to Phoenix Rising next year. Thanks for everything Gary.

Kaz C. Walters

Dear Gary, I received the wand yesterday afternoon. Well, let me put it simply: the wand is beautiful! I have never seen such talented woodworking on a custom wand. It's impeccable. I also have to praise you on how well you translated all my requests and how you maintained such a professional attitude at all stages of our communications. I have worked with other wandmakers and there is no comparison to Whirlwood's signature of beauty, professionalism, and glorious talent. I am sure we'll be doing business in the future because of how impressed I am with your company (it was worth every penny and every effort). Because my younger brother and my family really loved the wand, you may certainly be hearing from me soon (this may make such a special and perfect gift for each one of them). Thanks for everything!

Dex Curi

Hi Gary, I just received my beautiful wand this morning—it is lovely! So beautiful in walnut and just what I wanted. Thank you for your gorgeous work of art and for making the experience worthwhile. I hope to hear from my sister soon about her wand. I'm sure she is as ecstatic as I am. My wand is soooo perfect, well made, and balanced. It is a charm to hold and use! I am hoping to get a wand case to display it in when 'm not using it in ritual because it's that beautiful. Who knows, if my wall case is big enough, I just may be contacting you again for companions. (I have dreams of a beautiful case full of wands!) Again, thank you sooo very much.

Lisa Shaw

Gary, The wands arrived today—magnificent! Beautiful artisanship—I do not believe I have seen a better value in wands. Your work is exemplary. I will probably be doing more business with you in the near future.

H.R.M. David Eugene i

Gary, I love everything about my custom wand. You did it! The wand is truly something that will last. It is beautiful and powerful. Great job, and most importantly, thank you for working with me. Together we came a long way and I would not have been able to do it without your help. I'm really impressed with Whirlwood!!!

Sincerely, Dex Curi


Gary, I absolutely love my Headmistress wand! It looks identical to the wand used in the movies! Your craftsmanship is astonishing. Thank you also for communicating with me and accommodating my request of putting a crystal in the pommel of the handle. Your wands are true masterpieces!



Hello — I just received my wand. I love it! You need a testimonial page on your website! Only thing is now my kids each want one. Thought it would be a good Christmas gift. Do you get busy during the holidays? How early do you suggest I order?

Thanks again, Marci

Dear Whirlwood, I just received my first wand from you. Wow! I have several (7) in my collection that I have bought from other wand companies. I have always loved your site and your wands, but the other site's wands were cheaper. Now I know why. There is no comparison. My other wands seem like cheap toys compared to this Whirlwood Potions Master wand. I didn't know what a real magic wand was. Your wand box and velvet bag are amazing. I am saving my money for your Headmaster wand next. Thanks Whirlwood.

Josh from New York

Hey! I got my Luna Wand. It is fabulous. I also love my wand box with the Whirlwood Griffin. If I buy another wand, will you send me an extra box (or two?). Do you sell them separate? Please let me know.

Thanks, Jill

Dear Gary, I have had the custom wand we worked on together for a week now. I love the changes you suggested. The shape and balance, the way you painted it, the colors and the delicate detail work are exquisite. It is the perfect wand for me. I don't go anywhere without it. All my friends are jealous. You will probably be hearing from them soon. I love my new wand. Thank you Gary.

Sincerely, Monica

Hi, I have had my Heroine wand for a while now and I have to say it is still awesome. I have two other wands in my collection, from other makers, and they pale in comparison. I am especially pleased with how easy it was to customize the wand with you and how it turned out. Just the right size but still not too heavy. Thanks for making such great wands, Gary.


Hi, I received the six wands I had ordered today and it is you who wields the magic! They are spectacular and much more than I had imagined. I just had to place another order for 4 more, which I just completed. Many thanks!