Our Founder's Wands in the House Colors

Whirlwood Magic Wands are real magic wands of the highest reputation. This is the world's largest collection of hand-made wooden wands, created in the Old World style, world-renowned for their great power, beauty, elegance, and fine craftsmanship. Each magic wand is a work of art made from the finest hardwoods, one at a time, by hand, by master craftsmen. Whether you are a discriminating collector or a practitioner, you will find the perfect magic wand at Whirlwood.

If you choose a Whirlwood Magic Wand, I personally guarantee your satisfaction. I do not want a patron, armed with one of my wands, to be angry with me for any reason.

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Magic Is Within

"Whirlwood Magic Wands are beautifully made, structurally and energetically balanced, and a superb tool for any magician. Highly recommended!"

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